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WAVE Acoustic Absorbers


WAVE Acoustic Absorbers

It has been proven that the specific geometry and the sound-absorbing material of WAVE acoustic modules contribute to a drastic reduction of the reverberation time.

> WAVE Acoustic Absorbers





WAVE Room Divider


WAVE Room Dividers

Made of a sturdier synthetic material, WAVE room dividers effectively disperse sound waves in different directions and thereby diffuse their reflection.

> WAVE Room Dividers





WAVE Baffles


WAVE Baffles

Sound-absorbing panels for rooms with high ceilings to create an impression of continuous dynamic wave movements.

> WAVE Baffles


WAVE Baffles


WAVE Wall Sculpture

The acoustic picture as a wall sculpture is a precursor of the room dividers. Since no frame is needed to stiffen the structure, the outer contour remains free and open.

> WAVE Wall Sculpture






















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